About Us

About Step Into Luxury

Step Into Luxury was founded in spring 2012. As a new mother in 2011, the founder faced lack of combined packages in Central London to help new parents through the life change: Luxury on you doorstep for less.

Her concept was to combine several services as a package for new mothers to help them step into luxury of motherhood in style. Packages included nursery interior design, furniture production, and mother’s help on doorstep together with postnatal yoga.

In 2014 the focus shifted primarily to general space planning, furniture design and production.

About the Founder

Civil Engineer by profession, Senka designed her first interior in 2007 for a family home. That led to series of voluntary projects until she finally decided on leaving her civil engineering career behind in 2014, and focusing entirely on furniture design and production.

For a furniture designer London gives numerous opportunities and challenges on a daily basis.

Either modern, new built properties or traditional terraced houses occasionally combining the styles and tastes results in blending the furniture styles and function with the interior and responding to needs of the customer.

Individual approach, passion for work and dedication to it are her highest qualities.

About our clients

Our clients want to work with designers whose work is not repetitive, who are willing to invest in a relationship and individual approach. We try and meet our client’s expectations in designing and producing bespoke furniture for less but without compromising on quality.

We are working along with architects and interior designers where our merged input take projects to a higher level.